Event Lighting Ideas For Weddings

Wedding Lighting Springfield MOIt wasn’t long ago creative event lighting ideas spread to the wedding industry. Creative Outdoor Lighting has been doing event lighting for a number of years now! Weddings have blossomed from what used to be a primarily floral event to now a more beautiful mixture of flowers, decor, and creative event lighting.

Creative Event Lighting Ideas

Here is just a small vision of what’s possible according to this Rob Alberti’s article:

You can turn an otherwise boring reception hall into an amazing display of light and color to help accentuate your wedding color scheme.  You can make your wedding color pallet come to life.  Having Red Flowers?  Use the complimentary color – green or light green on the walls to make them pop.

Bridesmaids dresses are eggplant?  Use a lighter lavender on the wall to give them more of a 3rd dimension as the bridal party enters.  Ugly wall in your facility?  You can paint the wall any color you like with up-lighting

Event Lighting Springfield MOWedding event lighting can also take the form of texture lighting.  Custom light patterns or gobos can be made to mimic your cake design, invitation pattern or to give character to an otherwise boring space.  Maybe you want to project stars on the ceiling of your wedding reception venue?  With a few theatrical projection lighting fixtures, high output LED uplights or par can event lights, you can transform a low-end facility into a high-end looking wedding venue….More at Wedding Reception Event Lighting And Up-lighting (Uplighting 

Rob did a beautiful job of creating in the mind’s eye what’s possible when it comes to creative event lighting ideas.  We invite you to run with Rob’s vision and allow Creative Outdoor Lighting of Springfield MO help you bring your wedding event to the perfect height of breathtaking color and passion.  Give us a call today to discover the amazing possibilities lighting can bring to your special day.  Call now 1-417-882-0214!