Halogen vs LED Landscape Lighting, Which Is Best?

Boy, the topic of halogen vs LED landscape lighting is the debate of the year. However, in the end, the decision is going to be about you. What your budget is and what your goals are. These will be the deciding factors. Both, halogen and LED lighting are good options. They both have their ups and downs depending upon the application.

Halogen vs LED Landscape Lighting

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Energy efficiency is important when choosing an outdoor lighting fixture. For residential lighting, LED takes the cake on being more energy-efficient and longer lasting than halogen, cutting down on maintenance costs as well. And even on properties where primarily halogen lights are used, it is recommended that LED outdoor fixtures be selected for hard to reach areas like up in trees or on the peaks of the home. The reason? To cut down on maintenance and bulb replacement and the cost for repair if needed. Where halogen fixtures come out on top is the initial price. Halogen’s initial price is lower, where the initial investment in LED’s can be rather expensive, depending on your needs.

The bottom line is that both LED and Halogen are good options. It’s important not to overlook the proper design and installation of the lighting, regardless of the technology. Careful planning of the location of the lighting and the effect that it creates are often overlooked.

It is especially important to remember what was said here about using each where they bring the strongest benefits. LED is an obvious winner in applications where you wish to control maintenance issues and save money. Whereas, halogen bulbs are cheaper to install and help control initial cost.

In conclusion, the decision as to which way to go halogen vs LED landscape lighting is really about what best fits your project and budget. They both get the job done. It’s best to get a professional lighting specialist on your property to help you design the best system possible! You should call us 417-822-0214, we do the initial consultation for free.