Indoor Commercial Lighting Applications

Commercial Lighting

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Have you been thinking about or are you planning a commercial lighting project? There are some major considerations today in commercial lighting applications. The really good news? Technology is playing a huge roll in driving the on going cost of commercial lighting applications. As you see in the picture commercial lighting is BIG! Of course, it doesn’t look light thisany-longer, for sure!

Basically there are three types of lighting and two basic functions of indoor lighting must accomplish, here’s the scoop:

Think choosing a lighting type for your business means big spending? Think again. Today’slighting options include technologies that allow you to light your building for less. Highefficiency fluorescents, nLIGHT technology, and LED systems are three options that both save you money and provide superior lighting quality. Choose the options best for your business and get ready for a lighting win-win!

Indoor lighting should provide two basic functions:

  • Adequate light
  • Appropriate atmosphere

Depending on your type of business, the following lighting technologies offer options that not only provide the type of light you want, but offer an ease of use and affordability necessary to make your lighting goals a reality.

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