Outdoor Lighting

By investing in a professional quality lighting system, you will realize and enjoy more functional applications and personal satisfaction from your home and landscape. We are proud to offer different outdoor lighting fixtures, custom modifications and countless lighting accessories for you to choose from.

All of our fixtures are engineered to help you achieve a specific lighting effect. Creative Outdoor Lighting gives you the freedom to choose from a wide variety of uplighting, downlighting, pathlighting, underwater lighting, specialty lighting, and backlighting solutions. We also offer premier products from Garden Light, including a variety of solid copper and brass fixtures for maximum durability and aesthetic presence.

Features like fire resistance and protection from shock hazards are built in at every step of protection, assuring that the power supply for your outdoor lighting will operate in a safe and effective manner. Most of our transformers come equipped with multi-tap capability, which ensures equal voltage distribution throughout the system. This reduces the effects of voltage drop, thus balancing the lighting effects from one end of the house to the other.