A Simple Outline for Installing Landscape Lighting

Here is a great preliminary outline for installing landscape lighting, brought to you by, Plus, we’ve provided a few other tips and tricks concerning installing landscape lighting. These should be taken into consideration for every landscape lighting project.  Be sure to look for our commentary after the quote from our guest blogger

Installing Landscape Lighting

You should always plan out your lighting design on paper before you begin installing landscape lighting. This ensures you get the proper amount of lights for your garden. It will also show you what type of lighting you will need. Assuming you are going to need low voltage landscape lighting, here is what you will need to begin:

  • Exterior LightingYou will need a good, low voltage transformer. Make sure you get one that is adequate for your needs. These come in several different sizes to ensure you get the proper one for your garden.
  • You will want to buy your lights. Make sure you buy low voltage lights, if that is what you are installing. Most landscape lights are low voltage, but check to be sure.
  • Enough cord or wire to reach to all areas of your garden.
  • Junction boxes for each zone of your lights.
  • Splicers for adding lines into the main line to your transformer. Make sure not to overload one cell of the transformer. It is better to have more lines than to overload the transformer causing a breaker to switch.
  • A good timer to install on your transformer if you want the lights to automatically come on at a specific time.
  • A sturdy shovel to dig a small trench with. Most homeowners already have this so you may not have to buy one! It is also good to have someone with a strong back to work this piece of equipment!

After installing your transformer, installing landscape lighting is fairly easy!

Following the plan you made on paper, start by laying out the lights on the ground where you are going to want them placed. After you have them all laid out, check to see if they are going to give you the coverage you want. If not, move them around until you like the effects!…More at Properly Installing Landscape Lighting

OK, does it all sound a bit overwhelming? This is because it can be. In fact, there is much more to the operation than is even accounted for in the snippet above. One of the first concerns would be the fact you can’t buy professional grade lighting equipment over the counter. Plus, you wouldn’t begin to know or have access to professional replacement products, like light bulbs for example.

However, Creative Outdoor Lighting offers a solution which can make all the difference in the world. You see, our professional design consultants are available to help you plan, preview, and install your lighting equipment. Professional installation saves tons because we make sure the expensive transformers are installed correctly. Plus, we can insure the lights at the end of the run have the same level of illumination as those at the beginning of the run, which is not as easy as you may think.

In addition, you’ll discover professional installation provides you with our valued lighting experience, education and added design value. We’ll create the solution you have envisioned! Plus, we are likely to provide ideas you haven’t even considered, all as a result of our experience.