Real March Madness Is Spring Landscaping

March GardeningCongratulations, spring landscaping is almost upon us. Now is the time to begin putting your spring landscaping game plan together. Here’s the top three areas to which you should pay attention. First, you should inspect flower beds and begin your spring landscaping preparations. Second, start mapping out your upcoming landscaping projects. Lastly, seek out pest and pet problems before they become an issues.

March is the time for spring landscaping!

March is the time to begin spring landscaping preparations. So, step one is to get the grounds ready for spring renewal season. You’ll want to clean-up winter debris. Things like removing dead branches, limbs and etc.

Then you’ll want to inspect the beds and mulch. Of course, you know having a good layer of mulch helps protect the beds and to hold in moisture, which allows your vegetation to thrive. So, be sure to inspect it and replace when necessary! You should make sure to work the soil and prepare it by adding additional nutrients from your compost pile or other sources.

Obviously, you’ll want to prepare your garden tools and get them ready for action, too! This means sharpening, cleaning and scraping. You may wish to grind a new edge on some tools, especially the lawn mower blades. The best well done jobs come from having excellent tools!

OK, let’s transition into preparing for the upgrades you had in mind at the end of last season. You may want to map out your beds. During this process you’ll want to keep in mind any spring landscaping upgrades you have been planning.

For example, since your reading this enewsletter, there was some time in the past where you’ve thought about outdoor lighting. Well, spring landscaping preparation is the perfect time for the maintenance and/or installation of lighting. You may need to get the wiring fixed or newly installed before doing the preparation of the beds, it just easier! If this is true, then its probably true of most upgrades you’ve been planning to your landscape.

You’ll need to outline a budget. You should work everything into this budget. Some of the top things coming to mind is pest maintenance cost, upgrade cost (new trees, shrubs, equipment and etc.). Don’t forget maintenance programs to which you may belong. This short article isn’t going to do this topic justice, but you’re probably starting to get your cranium wrapped around the concepts, right? You should just build on them!

Last but certainly not least is pest and pet problems. How do you plan to keep animals at bay? You’ll want to inspect for pest larva, make sure the natural pest fighter’s homes are good shape. If you have birdhouses you need to clean them up and prepare for occupation. If you don’t have birdhouses up you may want to consider them, the right kind of birds fight pest well. Lastly, don’t forget the burrowing pest, you should inspect for them too!

Consult the professionals you’ll need from our Outdoor Lighting consultants to your favorite pest consultant. You may want to consider professional landscaping maintenance programs. But, most importantly, you should enjoy the month of March, this is true March madness… Not basketball!