Why LED Lighting at Weddings?

Here at Creative Outdoor Lighting one of our specialties is lighting at weddings. We follow all the latest trends and specialize in the implementation of these trends in the Springfield Missouri market area. We do all of this with a flair equal to those catering to the stars.

Lighting at Weddings

For example, Michelle Fox Gott was recently interviewed by Christine Shepar, an author at Elemental LED. Fox Gott’s client list includes Snoop Dogg, Ozzy Osborn and many other stars. Her company specializes in lighting at weddings. Here’s what she said was her favorite application for LED up-lighting…

“One of my favorite applications for LED up-lighting is in a white or light-colored room. RGB LED lights can change colors, and white paneling picks up any color you choose. You can go from blue to red to purple, depending on what mood you want to create,” says Fox Gott. Center of Attention events recently employed this technique in the wedding of Rob Dyrdek’s sister, which was featured on the MTV show Fantasy Factory. “We used white fabric during the ceremony, and then transformed the room to a soft pink during the reception,” says Fox Gott….More at LED Lights for a Picture Perfect Wedding: Tips from Michelle Fox Gott

Wedding Lighting Springfield MO

Our lighting design specialists have long implemented LED up-lighting at weddings in the Springfield MO area. The thing we like most about LED up-lighting is its versatility and practicality. LED up-lighting has afforded us extreme flexibility, allowing us to meet the needs of the most discerning brides.

If you’re planning a wedding event in the Springfield area, please give us a call! The fact is, as you plan your wedding you will no doubt run across our name. Event lighting and landscape lighting is what we do! We offer free consultations and are more than happy to help brainstorm lighting ideas for your wedding.  Simply call us at 417-882-0214.