7 Reasons You Need Creative Outdoor Lighting To Install Your Christmas Lights!

Can you believe Christmas is just around the corner?   It seems like only yesterday we were watching the Super Bowl and wishing for warm weather.  Then came summer and temperatures hit triple digits?  That hot weather got us to wishing for cooler times.  Now it’s only a little over two months before Christmas.  Where has the time gone?At Christmas time you may have family come for a visit or you may go out of town.  But one thing for sure that happens each year is “the dreaded chore of hanging the tangled mess of Christmas lights.”  You hang them on the roof, around the windows and sometimes in the trees.  I can see it already, visions of Clark Griswold from the movie “Christmas Vacation.”

Hi, I’m Brian Ranft with Creative Outdoor Lighting.  I don’t know if we’ve met or not but many of your neighbors are our customers.  The reason I’m writing is because I have a special offer for you.  I want to save you time, trouble, and possible danger this year.  What danger you ask?  “Scaling your ladder to install your Christmas Holiday lights.”


What Are The 7 Reasons You Need Creative Outdoor Lighting To Install Your Christmas Lights?

Reason #1:  For starters our company, Creative Outdoor Lighting, was chosen as the lighting specialist for the Joplin Extreme Makeover Home Edition project.

There are many lighting specialist in this area but we were chosen for the Extreme Makeover Home Edition project in Joplin.   That show was aired nationally and seven homes were rebuilt.  It was very gratifying to be able to give back to that community devastated by the tornado.

Reason #2:  Being safe is being smart.

Installing your own Christmas lighting could lead to serious injury or worse.  Almost 6,000 injuries, 33 deaths, and 600 fires each year are attributed to home decorating for Christmas.  You don’t want to be a statistic, you want to be able to visit, enjoy family and friends and be safe during the Holidays.

Reason #3:  Do you really want to climb up that ladder?

Most ladders are kind of wobbly unless you’ve shelled out a lot of money and bought the ones like the professionals use.  Many of my customers tell me the hardest part for them climbing their ladder is they get dizzy from the heights.  And their knees got a little weak.  And climbing a ladder set up in the trees can be even more tricky than climbing up on the roofs. Don’t take any chances….. call us!

Reason #4:  What happens if you put your lights up and one or more of the bulbs go out?  Do you really want to drag out the ladder and crawl back up on the roof just to replace one bulb?

Have you ever had this happen?  You install your lights and you have the kind that “if one bulb goes out the others won’t come on?”  Or if you put the lights up and a couple of the bulbs go out, do you really want to go back up just to replace a couple of bulbs.  Your significant other won’t let you forget about it until it’s fixed.  One major benefit of being our customer is that we’ll come back out to service your lights if you ever need it.

Reason #5:  What’s your time worth?

You know it’s going to take you quite some time to install all your lights.  But what if you were to fall and twist your ankle, or your knee?   Or even worse break your leg or a rib.  What would it cost you to miss the time it would take to rehab your injury?  Don’t forget all the pain that goes along with the injury.  Would it be worth the risk?  Why not take the risk out of the whole process and just have us install your lighting and avoid taking any chances?

Reason #6:  Creative Outdoor Lighting is a member of the Better Business Bureau and the Springfield Area Chamber Of Commerce.

Why is this important to you?  You can contact either of those organizations to check up on us to find out if we really provide the service we say we do.  The Better Business Bureau keeps tabs on all their members.  They have a file on each one.  If you want to find out if there have been any complaints lodged against our company all you have to do is to call them and ask.

Reason #7:  What will your neighbors think?ResidentialHolidayLighting-26

What will your neighbors think if they look out their window or drive by and see you crawling around on your roof or clinging to you ladder like a scared lizard trying to get those lights nailed down?  You don’t need the reputation!  You want them to understand that you have more important things to do with your time than to shinny up a ladder to staple some lights to your roof.  You could be playing golf or watching football on TV or working on your hobby or spending time with your loved ones.  They have to understand that you’re not the kind to waste your time wrestling with a box of twisted up wire and lights.  They need to understand that you have better control of your life than that!

Let us help you make your home the most beautiful one in your neighborhood this Christmas.  Review the enclosed sheet to find which package is best for your needs.  Call me and schedule your install before November 12th to receive your bonus of 200 feet of mini-lights or a 30 inch lighted wreath. If you’re our lucky winner we’ll make adjustments to compensate for you winning.

Brian Ranft