Low Voltage Lighting Systems

low voltage lighting system by Creative Outdoor Lighting

You’ve worked hard to get your home looking exactly how you like it, but did you know that most visitors are coming to your door at night? A properly designed and installed low voltage lighting system will let your guests see your beautiful home in a whole new light! It’s perfect for highlighting the architectural features of a home, showing off a blooming garden, adding safety and security to your porch, and making your backyard the moonlight getaway you need after a long day.

What exactly is a low voltage lighting system?  Lets start with the basics: Voltage is the measurement of the rate at which energy is drawn from a source that produces a flow of electricity in a circuit. A typical outlet in your home is rated 120V, also known as ‘Line Voltage’.  Low voltage is typically rated as 12V and is used for track lighting, pennant lighting, and landscape lighting.

Here are some advantages of low voltage lighting:

  • More energy efficient (low voltage uses 20-25% of the energy that line voltage does)
  • Little to no risk of shock or other electrical hazards
  • Minimum disturbance to your lawn or garden (cables and wiring can be buried without conduit and junction boxes)
  • Gives more variety in lighting fixtures and bulbs
  •  Less expensive

Can you see why low voltage systems are perfect for lighting up your home? Low Voltage Lighting is the perfect mix of safety and beauty. The skilled lighting designers at Creative Outdoor Lighting are experts in low voltage lighting and have years of experience.  Give us a call today to find out more.